Kylah Caprii Media is a creative branding + marketing publication that covers topics related to photography, marketing and graphic design. Weekly posting includes resources, tutorials, case studies and industry trends. In addition, KCM features articles and insight from other creative professionals on topics within their respective niches. KCM is a digital space for all creatives and budding entrepreneurs. We provide you with information, free resources, and all the services you need to get your business up, running. We also assist in brand updates and refreshing your brand’s identity. 

Design to communicate, not to decorate.

-- Tony Stanton

Hi! Nice to meet you!!!

My name is Kylah Caprii; I create content for brands on social media, and for their websites. There is nothing I love more than helping my fellow bosses come up with creative strategies to showcase their projects, market, and build a solid brand identity.

I just recently graduated from Morgan State University with my Bachelors in Marketing.

  I taught myself web/ graphic design when I started my first WordPress blog. I knew I could just pick a template and plug everything in but I was fascinated with coding and learned how to manipulate codes to make my site stand out from the basic templates being offered. Once I got my hands on photoshop and Indesign I was able to start creating graphics and fun visuals for my audience to see. I now have my very own shop on Etsy where I sell marketing and branding templates for businesses. It’s super new but I am so proud of it and myself for finally taking the step. Check out the Digital Print Lab here if you’re interested.

    I started photography as just a hobby in 2015 with my blog “Don’t Believe The Hype”  where I was shooting my own photos and product content. About a year later I realized that my passion for photography was behind the camera when I started featuring other people on my new blog  “Everything New” and would take their images for the piece I was writing. I didn’t just stop at people, I have a love for shooting places and things as well. My favorite place to shoot in is definitely New York City although I don’t get to visit too often, I guess that’s what makes each visit special to me. Check out my portfolio here.

  My digital space is all about sharing my journey with you as I continue to grow (because I am certainly no expert) I do, however, have a passion for photography, marketing, and graphic design. I’ve found a way to incorporate each skill into my projects and to provide a better experience for my clients.

My main goal is to provide new bloggers, entrepreneurs, and creatives with the tools and services I needed when I launched my first blog; good quality, affordable images, strategies, and content.

& that’s exactly what I plan to give you!