The New Year is right around the corner and I didn’t want to wait. If there’s anything 2020 has taught me is that time waits for no one and if there’s any better time to do anything it’s NOW! A lot of adjustments had to be made this year and although there were a lot of setbacks, there were also a lot of opportunities for new projects and taking the time to finally put strategies in place for the different areas of my business.  

Here’s a full recap on the year as it comes to an end and an update on what to expect in 2021.


I didn’t shoot as much as I planned to this year due to covid-19 and cancellations. Both personal and paid projects were postponed until eventually they were cancelled. I did however use some of my time to learn and practice new techniques that you guys will soon see in upcoming projects and I was able to get out to free shoot and explore the world during the beginning stages of the pandemic.

The Digital Print Lab

I launched DPL on a whim back in July and I can honestly say, it was one of the best things I could have ever done. I wasn’t really bringing in much business from designing so initially, I had planned to design as a hobby, eliminate the service as a whole and focus on photography. After I launched my shop, I saw quickly how much of a mistake that would have been. Where I fell short in photography work, I well made up for this year with my freelance gigs and my Etsy shop. 

If you don’t know; The Digital Print Lab is a shop on Etsy that sells branding and marketing templates for businesses. From business card templates to pre-made website templates, the Digital Print Lab has resources to help every business owner boss up their brand. Read more about the Digital Print Lab here.

Black Buying Power Feature

I had the honor of collaborating with Christine M. Carter in a case study on the impact of black buying power in various consumer categories. This by far was a big accomplishment for me because in the midst of everything going on, I thought it made for the perfect time to remind the world just how powerful the black dollar really is and why it should be valued more.


 I’ve been taking on freelance jobs here and there but was really limited because I was working full time and attending school full time. School and work gave me very little time to work on other projects but, now that yah girl has graduated I have decided to take freelancing more seriously and have built out full systems to run my business. 

 I focused on getting the admin side of the business in order so that in 2021, I have a smooth-running system in how I connect with my clients and how I create and deliver my content across the blog and all social channels.  I do work full-time and so it was important that I get these systems in order so my business can continue to run on its own when I’m not there.

With that being said; I am accepting inquiries for 2021, check out my services page for the full breakdown of what Kylah Caprii Media can do for you.

Brand Refresh

As you can see, KCM has got a face lift and after thinking things over, I’ve made what feels like permanent changes to the overall look and layout of the brand.

We have a refreshed logo!!!

This logo for the most part was already created, I refined it a little more in this rebrand and created some variations of the primary and submark logos for different situations.

A new color palette!!!

The color palette really came first for this rebrand because I wanted to make sure my colors aren’t as feminine as they were initially. I think I settled somewhere in the middle with this palette. I love it so much and have already placed an order for my new business cards and other marketing materials.

At last, my portfolio has been updated and I love it!!! See all of my recent work here.

The site’s resources page is refreshed with new links and will be updated every quarter. 

The creator’s circle

I created a page on the site called the Creator’s Circle. The page is a space I created to showcase other creatives and small business owners. This page is a creative resource and open to anyone who’d be interested in being featured on the page. I hope to build this page into a community on Facebook or something so that we can all connect with each other. I hope you consider joining the circle.


I’ve been getting a numerous amount of comments and requests on Youtube lately and have decided to give the platform another chance. One of my biggest goals for the new year is to get consistent on Youtube and interact with my subscribers more. I am so grateful for the small community I have on my channel now and know that if I stopped playing around and got serious, I could create some awesome content. So in 2021, I will be posting a new video once a week to start out and will revisit my posting schedule in the second quarter. I will be starting both the 100 Days of Design Challenge as well as the 52 Week Photography Project and will be sharing the process on my channel for some of the projects. 

Growing my Mailing list

My goal for 2021 is to build a strong community and I will be making use of my newsletter to do so. Join the mailing list for monthly updates, special offers, access to my monthly freebies, and opportunities to meet and connect with other entrepreneurs and creatives. This is the best way to ensure you never miss out on new content and access to perks and resources plus you joining the fam would mean so much to me.


Another thing I learned in 2021 is that things don’t always go as planned and so I know that although these are my plans, things can change at any time, this time I’ll be ready to adapt to any change that can affect my business. 

I look forward to 2021 and am excited for Kylah Caprii Media moving forward. I will be applying pressure all year long to reach my goals and I hope you continue on this journey with me.